Improving communication with face masks

The use of masks and increased distancing while talking because of the coronavirus pandemic is a unique challenge that can be very frustrating even for people with normal hearing. But for the hard of hearing it can prove especially difficult. Signia offers flexible solutions for you as a Hearing Care Professional (HCP) to optimize speech intelligibility in this “new normal” world. This new audiology bulletin explains the adverse effects of masks and social distancing on speech understanding and how HCPs can improve their clients’ hearing experience with the right advice and program settings in Connexx.

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Music Lovers and Hearing Aids

Some people cannot imagine life without music - it relaxes, inspires, and for many, completes their lives. Music has a different meaning for each person, and there are individual preferences, but most would agree that music listening should be enjoyable. This seemingly simple task easily can be undermined when hearing loss is present, as listening to just a limited part of the dynamics, or a reduced frequency range of our favorite music could significantly reduce the enjoyment of the experience.

AudiologyOnline, February 26, 2016

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Directionality Assessment of Adaptive Binaural Beamforming with Noise Suppression in Hearing Aids

In this work we present a new method for assessment of directionality in modern hearing aids, which has the benefit of simulating both a target source and an interfering source at the same time using speech signals. We show the benefits and the limitations of the method and present measurements for different microphone modes of different manufacturers. Furthermore, a sequential index based on these measurements is introduced.

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Feature in Brief: Tinnitus Ocean Waves

The flexible tinnitus therapy function in binax hearing instruments is now more comprehensive than ever. In addition to the static therapy noises which can be chosen from a preset or be customized in up to 20 bands by the hearing care professional, wearers can now also choose from four nature-inspired ocean wave therapy sounds.

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