Tinnitus Sound Therapy Trial Shows Effectiveness for Those with Tinnitus

This study demonstrates the benefit of partial masking, encouraging patients to seek help from audiologists interested in providing support for tinnitus patients. Thirty-three percent of our participants with bothersome tinnitus benefited from maskers provided through Signia instruments without any counseling whatsoever. Within that responsive group, 38–75% of them experienced improved quality of life in the domains of thoughts and emotions, sleep, concentration, and hearing.

Jun 14, 2019

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Signia Tinnitus Therapy Options

Tinnitus and hearing loss often go hand-in-hand. For those patients whose tinnitus is not mitigated by amplification alone, Signia hearing aids offer hearing care professionals three types of tinnitus therapy approaches to customize for each patient. Static Noise and Ocean Wave signals are both sound therapy approaches that have been proven to provide relief for many tinnitus patients, especially when combined with established therapy approaches.

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How to Use primax Tinnitus Therapy Options

Tinnitus Notch Therapy – the novel and unique alternative therapy approach to treat tonal tinnitus – is easy to fit with primax and Connexx. In addition, ample options for conventional treatment of tinnitus using different static and modulated broadband acoustic stimuli are also available. This comprehensive tinnitus treatment toolkit is a powerful asset for any hearing care professional working with tinnitus patients.

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Notch Therapy: A New Approach to Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus affects a staggering number of individuals. Population studies conducted in six different countries reported the incidence of prolonged tinnitus varying between 4.4 and 15.1 percent for adults. One study reported 2.4 percent of the population responded “yes” to the description of tinnitus as “tinnitus plagues me all day” (Moller, 2011).

AudiologyOnline, October 13 2016

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Feature in Brief: Tinnitus Ocean Waves

The flexible tinnitus therapy function in binax hearing instruments is now more comprehensive than ever. In addition to the static therapy noises which can be chosen from a preset or be customized in up to 20 bands by the hearing care professional, wearers can now also choose from four nature-inspired ocean wave therapy sounds.

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