Maintaining Narrow Directionality While Improving Soundscape Processing

Since its introduction with the binax platform in 2014, Signia’s Narrow Directionality has been the industry leader in optimizing speech understanding in background noise. The purpose of the current research was to ensure that the Narrow Directionality feature of the Xperience was equal to that of the Nx model—previous research has shown that the speech-in-noise processing of the Nx is superior to that of premier models from competitive manufacturers. Indeed, the results of this research revealed that there was no difference in the speech recognition findings for the two different instruments. This allows us to reasonably assume that Xperience also is superior to the competition for these important listening conditions. For those who were questioning if it is possible to obtain excellent soundscape processing for speech, while still maintaining a high level of narrow directionality, the answer is yes.

Canadian Audiologist, VOL. 6 • ISSUE 6 • 2019

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YourSound Technology and Dynamic Soundscape Processing

Signia Xperience devices take a significant step towards adapting to the listening intent of the wearer. YourSound technology is the realization of this comprehensive approach, consisting of the sensory analysis layer provided by Acoustic-Motion Sensors, the processing of environmental sounds in the Dynamic Soundscape Processing, and the Own Voice Processing to process the microphone input as soon as the system detects that the wearer is speaking. This article provides insights into the different components of YourSound technology.

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Research Evidence for Dynamic Soundscape Processing Benefits

It is important that the design of hearing aid processing closely resembles the listening intent of the user. This has been enhanced with the Signia Xperience, which utilizes new acoustic and motion sensors, serving to improve speech understanding and the acoustic sound scape. Laboratory data shows significantly better speech understanding for speech from the sides, both when stationary and when moving. Real-world studies using EMA methodology revealed highly satisfactory environmental awareness, and higher overall user satisfaction ratings than have been obtained for either EuroTrak, or the recent MarkeTrak10. Overall, for both efficacy and effectiveness, the performance of the Signia Xperience hearing aids was validated, and increased patient benefit and satisfaction is expected to follow.

The Hearing Review, November 7, 2019

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