Feature in Brief: binax eWindScreen binaural

What it is

Taking advantage of High Definition Sound Resolution, eWindScreen binaural in binax hearing instruments reduces the annoying effects of wind. According to the most recent MarkeTrak study, more than half of hearing instruments wearers report dissatisfaction when listening in windy situations (Kochkin, 2010). Without sacrificing spatial cues or speech intelligibility, eWindScreen binaural provides better listening comfort in the presence of wind.


eWindScreen binaural streams a portion of the signal from the side less affected by wind to the other side.

How it works

When wind blows, e2e wireless 3.0 activates and stream part of the signal with weaker wind to the other side with stronger wind. The entire detection and adaptation process is fast and effective so that wind noise is reduced and speech intelligibility is maintained. And because only the relevant part of the signal is streamed from one side to the other, spatial perception is promoted. eWindScreen binaural working on top of the existing monaural Wiener-Filter based eWindScreen, and is activated automatically when necessary. This means that no wearer interaction is required, and battery consumption is kept to a minimum.


eWindScreen binaural can be activated on top of the existing eWindScreen feature, which is adjustable in four steps and can be found under the Sound Management Tab in Connexx 7.


The binax eWindScreen binaural is available in 7bx hearing instruments with e2e wireless 3.0, and is available in the Universal program as well as dedicated programs. This means the wearer is always protected from wind noise, even in dedicated programs configured for specific situations.


1. Kochkin S. MarkeTrak VIII: Consumer satisfaction with hearing aids is slowly increasing. Hearing J. 2010 Jan; 63(1): 19-20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30-32.