Feature in Brief: binax Spatial SpeechFocus

What it is

Inspired by how the brain localizes sound, Spatial SpeechFocus is a binaural feature enabled by the High Definition Sound Resolution offered by the binax platform. Spatial SpeechFocus offers true directionality to the front, back, or either side depending on where speech originates. It is designed for situations where the wearer cannot or does not want to turn to face the speaker, such as when driving a car, or when taking a walk with someone. Because Spatial SpeechFocus utiliizes the same principles as for natural localization, it is able to preserve localization cues even while focusing on sounds coming from one side or the other.


Spatial SpeechFocus offers true directionality towards whichever direction speech comes from without compromising spatial and localization cues.

How it works

When Spatial SpeechFocus is enabled, the microphone system continues to analyze the environment for the strongest speech signal, and the most appropriate directional pattern is focused onto it accordingly. The transition between the microphone modes is smooth yet fast enough so that the wearer maintains a natural listening perception without missing any speech originating from varying directions. Spatial SpeechFocus is fully integrated into the Universal automatic program where it is coupled to the Car situation. This means that whenever the Car situation is detected, directionality would change depending on changing speech sources.


Spatial SpeechFocus is checked by default as a part of the Automatic Directional Microphone System in the Universal Program where it will be automatically activated whenever a Car situation is detected. It is also available in a separate Stroll program where it is activated all the time.


Spatial SpeechFocus is available in 7bx hearing instruments with e2e wireless 3.0. In those instruments, it is checked by default in the Universal program, and will be activated when a Car situation is detected. It is also activated in the dedicated Stroll program, where it is activated all the time.