Comparison of battery solutions for hearing aid devices

Signia commissioned Ramboll a/s to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) study in accordance with ISO standards 14040 and 14044 for two comparable hearing aid devices and their respective battery solutions, i.e. a primary, non-rechargeable battery and a secondary, rechargeable battery. The overall aim was to investigate and understand the environmental impacts of two comparable hearing aid devices with different battery solutions. The two products chosen for assessments are rechargeable Signia Augmented Xperience (AX) and non-rechargeable Signia AX.

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Improving communication with face masks

The use of masks and increased distancing while talking because of the coronavirus pandemic is a unique challenge that can be very frustrating even for people with normal hearing. But for the hard of hearing it can prove especially difficult. Signia offers flexible solutions for you as a Hearing Care Professional (HCP) to optimize speech intelligibility in this “new normal” world. This new audiology bulletin explains the adverse effects of masks and social distancing on speech understanding and how HCPs can improve their clients’ hearing experience with the right advice and program settings in Connexx.

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StreamLine Mic

The StreamLine Mic from Signia is a versatile Bluetooth streaming device and remote microphone all in one. Its Bluetooth functionality allows it to pair to multiple Bluetooth enabled devices including Android and iOS (Apple) devices. And the remote microphone capabilities help make even though most difficult listening situations easier to manage. This white paper examines advantages and the performance of the StreamLine Mic

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Industry Research: Clinical Comparison of Premier Hearing Aids

Premier hearing aid products from three leading manufacturers were placed in head-to-head competition to assess key benefits for the wearer. For the speech recognition measures, the Signia product was significantly superior, and this was true for three different background noise conditions. Subjective judgements for different attributes of the listening experience were equal for the three products, suggesting that superior speech understanding can be achieved without causing negative effects regarding the acoustic environment.

VOL. 6 • ISSUE 4 • 2019

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Closing the Open Fitting: An Effective Method to Optimize Speech Understanding

The findings of this research clearly show that the coupling system chosen by the HCP can have a substantial effect on subsequent speech understanding in background noise for the patient. The mean additional signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) benefit for a closed fitting was 3 dB, which corresponds to an impressive improvement in speech understanding of approximately 50%. This constitutes a significant advantage for the patient’s daily life in terms of social interaction. This benefit should not easily be foregone, especially in light of the clinically proven high acceptance of closed fittings based on the patient’s improved perception of his or her own voice as a result of Signia Own Voice Processing.

The Hearing Review, March 21, 2019

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3D Classifier

At first glance, a tiny hearing aid and a self-driving car don’t have much in common. However, on a technological level there are a couple of similarities: self driving cars use a variety of sensors to collect real-time information about the environment such as GPS, optical cameras, specialised radar, and accelerometers.

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Motion SP: The New Super Power

Although only a small percentage of our patients suffer from severe to profound hearing loss, designing the ideal hearing solution for them brings unique challenges. With their particular listening needs in mind, Signia has offered generations of hearing solutions with increasingly sophisticated technology.

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