Feature in Brief: Adaptive Streaming Volume

What it is

No matter where the wearer is, Adaptive Streaming Volume automatically adapts the volume of the streamed input according to the changing background noise level so that it is always audible above the noise. The streaming volume no longer needs to be manually adjusted, leaving the wearer free to simply enjoy what he wants to hear.


How it works

Adaptive Streaming Volume works by ensuring a constant speech-to-noise ratio. The hearing aids constantly evaluate the current environmental noise level based on what is picked up by the microphones. If the environmental noise level increases, the difference in gain to maintain the SNR is added to the signal. Needless to say, the feature also ensures that the overall output level does not exceed the MPO levels and the wearer’s dynamic range.



Adaptive Streaming Volume is available in easyTek compatible 7bx instruments. It is activated by default in dedicated easyTek programs via a checkbox in the Connexx Fitting Software.