Novel Benefits in CROS and BiCROS Hearing Aid Fitting Technology

Hearing Review

Patients with single-sided deafness often experience significant problems with speech understanding in daily listening situations where noise is a factor. This Hearing Review article presents a study which demonstrates that the two new CROS/BiCROS systems from Signia—Pure 312 Nx CROS with Narrow directionality and Silk Nx CROS—provide a superior solution to the daily listening problems encountered by people with single-sided deafness.

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Veronika Littmann, Ph.D.

Veronika Littmann is the team lead of R&D Audiology System Development Team for Sivantos in Erlangen Germany. She holds a PhD in Neurophysiology from Cambridge University where she investigated neural processing of temporal information in complex sounds.

Alastair Manders, Ph.D.

Dr. Alastair Manders grew up in south east England. In his late teens he moved further south to Hampshire, where he studied at Southampton University, obtaining a Bsc. in Acoustical Engineering and Music, and later an MSc. in Audiology. In 2012 he obtained his Ph.D in Audio signal processing. During the same year Alastair moved to Germany, where he currently works for Sivantos GmbH in research and development.