A New Own Voice Processing System for Optimizing Communication

Hearing Review

The new Signia Nx hearing aids contain Own Voice Processing (OVP™) technology designed to identify when the wearer is speaking. In this way, OVP can employ dual processing for either speech or own-voice conditions. The system simply adjusts gain when the wearer is speaking, but maintains the prescribed amplification when he or she isn’t speaking, avoiding compromises to amplification, audibility, and noise reduction algorithms.

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Erik Harry B. Høydal

Erik Harry B. Høydal has been with WS Audiology since 2014. Besides his audiological clinical background, Erik has been involved in research on musicians and tinnitus. He did his MSc in Clinical Health Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and has also worked as a teacher at the Program for Audiology in Trondheim. Høydal has worked politically with awareness of hearing impairment through his engagement in The Norwegian Association of Audiologists. Having joined WS Audiology in Erlangen 2016 his work includes scientific research and portfolio management.