Unlocking Quality of Life Benefits Through Firmware and Apps

The Hearing Review, May 9, 2023

Technology, which not long ago was found only on smartphones and other consumer electronic devices, is now commonly available on many prescription hearing aids. This new generation of hearing aids includes periodic firmware updates and smartphone-based apps. MarkeTrak 2022 survey data suggests this convergence of technology might be driving better quality of life outcomes for many individuals. This article explains how firmware and app updates have been introduced by Signia to gradually improve the performance of – and the wearer benefits offered by – the Signia Augmented Xperience (AX) platform.

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Brian Taylor, AuD,

Brian Taylor is the Senior Director of Audiology at Signia US. He is also the editor of Audiology Practices, a quarterly journal of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and editor-at-large for Hearing Healthcare and Technology Matters, a leading industry blog.


Niels Søgaard Jensen, M.Sc.

Niels Søgaard Jensen received his M.Sc. degree in acoustics and psychoacoustics from the Technical University of Denmark. He has a background as research engineer in the hearing aid industry where he has done research on various topics related to hearing loss and hearing aids. In 2016 he joined WS Audiology where he holds a position as Senior Evidence and Research Specialist in Lynge, Denmark.