What it is

While we recommend easyTek as the ideal solution for use with Bluetooth phones, TwinPhone is the perfect solution for people who typically use the same nonBluetooth phones at home or at work. TwinPhone allows the wearer to hear the phone conversation in both ears without easyTek. This serves to increase the perceived loudness of the phone signal by 3 dB, reducing listening effort on the phone. Those wearers without an easyTek or those who prefer not to handle an extra gadget will especially appreciate this feature for their phone calls. Consistent with other binaural features of the primax and binax platforms, TwinPhone is also very energy efficient.

How it works

TwinPhone is a separate program which builds upon the popular AutoPhone feature and offers advantages not possible before without a streaming device. In order for a landline or mobile phone to be compatible with TwinPhone, the wearer needs to attach a piece of magnet to the phone receiver. Whenever the phone comes into close proximity with the hearing aid (i.e. when the wearer places the phone next to the ear), the hearing aid detects the magnetic signature. AutoPhone then automatically changes the hearing aid to the TwinPhone program and activates the wireless link. The acoustic phone signal is not only heard in the ear next to the phone, but also transferred to the contralateral aid via the wireless link.


In addition to the hands-free solution made possible via the streamer easyTek


TwinPhone allows phone calls to be heard in both ears.

Fitting & Availablity

TwinPhone is one of the Phone program options that can be found under the Program Handling tab in Connexx Eight. It is available in all primax instruments featuring e2e wireless 3.0