HD Music

What it is

As a major improvement upon the binax music program, an industry benchmark, primax offers three dedicated music programs. These dedicated music programs are uniquely designed to enrich the sound quality of music and to maximize the enjoyment of music, whether the wearer is listening to recorded music, attending a live concert, or making music himself. A true highlight of the primax platform, these music programs are designed to satisfy the serious music lover. Of course they will also be appreciated by more casual listeners of music.


How it works

The Recorded Music program is meant for use at home or other indoor spaces where speakers play recorded music. This is for those occasions when the wearer wants to sit back in his favorite chair with a glass of wine, close his eyes, and savor his favorite CDs and music files. This is not for occasions where the music is played in the background for a dinner or party. The Live Music program should be activated for when attending a concert– whether it’s AC/DC or a Mozart concerto or anything in between. And finally, the Musician program is dedicated to musicians who are playing a musical instrument or singing. More than just for professionals performing onstage, this program would be also appreciated by amateur bands during practice or karaoke enthusiasts enjoying an evening out with friends.

Fitting & Availablity

primax 7px wearers would be able to enjoy up to three distinct music programs, whereas those with 5px and 3px instruments can take advantage of one generalized HD Music program. HD Music programs can be found under the Program Handling tab in Connexx Eight