Direct Streaming with Pure 13 BT

What is direct streaming?

“Direct streaming” describes transmitting an audio signal from a mobile device to a wearer’s hearing aids – without using an intermediate accessory to relay the signal. Direct streaming is the most desirable streaming technology available for hearing aids, and has become even more important because of increasing usage of smart phones. Streaming is typically used when making or receiving phone calls, listening to audio content (such as music or a podcast) from a mobile device, or when streaming the audio signal from a television. The new Pure 13 BT offers wearers an easy-to-use direct streaming function for use with Apple mobile devices.

What else should I know about direct streaming?

Streaming with the Pure 13 BT delivers the following benefits.

  • Shifts rapidly and seamlessly between separate streaming events. For example, when the wearer streams audio from a television and then answers an incoming phone call, Pure 13 BT transitions to the phone call with minimal delay. When the phone call has ended, Pure 13 BT quickly returns to the TV stream.
  • Watching television with Pure 13 BT is an enjoyable experience because of the short delay applied to the streamed audio signal. This is because the streamed audio signal has a high level of synchrony with the visual content from the television.
  • Dedicated hearing programs are not required when the wearer streams audio from a mobile device, or when the wearer uses the myControl app to stream audio via the StreamLine TV accessory. For clinicians, this simplifies the programming workflow in the Connexx fitting software. For wearers, it delivers a more convenient streaming experience.
  • If the wearer does not use the myControl app, a dedicated TV program can be created with the Connexx fitting software.
  • Pairing the StreamLine TV accessory with the hearing aids is straightforward and user-friendly.

The StreamLine TV accessory connects to the wearer’s television and streams high quality stereo audio directly to the wearer’s hearing aids.

A direct streaming solution with audiological benefit Streaming with Pure 13 BT is not only about providing a seamless user experience and a time-efficient setup. The solution was designed for enhanced audiological benefit during every-day use.

  • The loudness of the audio signal streamed from the phone can be adjusted independently via the phone’s volume buttons. This means that the loudness of streamed music can be set independently of the loudness of a phone call.

The phone’s volume buttons can be used to conveniently adjust the loudness of the audio signal streamed from the phone.

  • During a phone call, the hearing aid monitors the level of the audio signal from the phone. During longer pauses in the conversation, the microphone attenuation is momentarily reduced and immediately restored when the conversation resumes. The wearer benefits from improved situational awareness without adversely affecting the conversation.
  • Carefully selected default settings reduce finetuning effort and maximize successful outcomes. For example, the default level of microphone attenuation during streaming events has been set to maintain an enhanced signal-to-noise ratio for streamed audio, while allowing the wearer to maintain situational awareness.
  • Via the Connexx fitting software, clinicians can flexibly tailor the frequency-response of the signal streamed from the wearer’s mobile device.

The Connexx fitting software provides flexible twelve band frequencyshaping for the streamed audio signal. The clinician can also adjust the level of the hearing aid’s microphone input which is mixed with the streamed audio signal.
Finally, the adaptive streaming volume automatically adjusts the gain of the streamed signal to enhance speech in ambient noise.

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Aaron Jacobs

Aaron Jacobs worked as a clinical audiologist in Australia before starting at Sivantos Pty. Ltd. (formerly Siemens Hearing Instruments) as a product trainer. In 2010, Aaron relocated to Sivantos GmbH in Germany (formerly Siemens Audiologische Technik) where he was employed as a Software Product Manager. Since 2016, Aaron has worked in the Corporate Audiology department. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) from RMIT University and a Master of Clinical Audiology from the University of Melbourne.