A Comparison of Feedback Cancellation Systems in Premier Hearing Aids

Hearing Review

This study, which replicates earlier research on feedback cancellation (FBC) systems, uses three tests to evaluate the various aspects of hearing aid performance directly affected by the FBC: AGBF, Max-REIG, and a sound quality evaluation using Multi-Stimulus Test with Hidden Reference and Anchor (MUSHRA). It finds that significant discrepancies still exist among manufacturers in terms of AGBF and Max-REIG, and there remain trade-offs when reviewing the results of max-gain and the sound quality ratings together. However, considering all potential trade-offs, the Signia FBC can be considered a best-in-class algorithm in this multifaceted benchmark analysis.

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Rebecca Herbig, Au.D.

Rebecca Herbig, Au.D., is a Clinical Education Specialist for Sivantos USA. Since 2008, Dr. Herbig has been responsible for various aspects of scientific marketing, both globally and specific to the US market. Prior to joining Sivantos, she worked as a clinical audiologist in northern Virginia. Rebecca received her doctorate in Audiology from Gallaudet University in Washington DC.

Christoph Lueken, M.Sc.

Christoph Lueken, M.Sc. is a Research Audiologist based in Erlangen, Germany. He studied Hearing Technology and Audiology at the University of Oldenburg. Since joining Sivantos GmbH in 2012, he has focused mainly on the audiological optimization of hearing instruments.